Kevin Anderson's Odyssey - Final Musings on Broadbottom to Shanghai

Kevin Anderson's final blog post and analysis on his journey from Broadbottom to Shanghai is now available.

Slow and Low – the way to go
A systems view of travel emissions – comparing the plane and train to China & back

When planning this journey and also since my return I have been asked frequently about the associated emissions:
“… I thought trains weren't much better than planes, what was the difference?”
 “ … was it worth the effort for whatever you saved?”
 “… how much difference was there in carbon emissions between the train and plane?”
On the face of it, these and many similar queries seem completely reasonable questions to ask.. But in my view they miss the point and without trying to be overly provocative (that’s for later), I don’t think they are so reasonable – particularly from the array of informed experts who asked them. So why do I think the questions are unreasonable – and what would I suggest as an alternative framing for assessing emissions from travel?

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