Dana Abi Ghanem

University of Manchester

Senior researcher


Role at Tyndall:
I am a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre, with an interest in electricity consumption and smart grid development, renewable energy technologies, consumption and everyday practices.

I am interested in the intersections between technology design and consumption, particularly new energy technologies, their conception and adoption. My research engages with scholarship from science and technology studies, sociology, theories of practice, and cultural geography.

My current research is structured around the following projects:

1) Active Distribution network with full integration of Demand and distributed energy RESourceS (ADDRESS): I am a researcher on this FP7 project, with Sarah Mander and Joseph Mutale. This research explores the impact of Active Demand technologies on energy consumption in homes and small business through field trials in Europe.

2) RESNET: Resilient Electricity Networks for Great Britain: I am a researcher on WP5 of this project, with Sarah Mander and Clair Gough. The aim of RESNET is to develop and demonstrate an approach to analyse the reliability of the UK electricity system in the context of climate change and to develop tools for quantifying the value of adaptations that would enhance its resilience. WP 5 will explore the societal implications and identify potential barriers to adaptation measures.

3) Power outages in post-war Lebanon: socio-material practices for maintaining electrical services in homes: The principal aims of the project are to understand the social and material networks that make up everyday power supply for homes in urban Lebanon in the context of endemic power cuts. The project will generate empirical knowledge about this dimension of daily life in the city and the coping strategies adopted by households in Beirut, as they try to reconcile their ordinary expectations and aspirations with the reality of power shortages in Lebanon.

Selected Publications

Abi Ghanem, D., Mander, S., & Gough, C. (2016). "I think we need to get a better generator": Household resilience to disruption to power supply during storm events. Energy Policy, 92, 171–180. DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2016.02.003. Publication link: dfed6e95-6c12-41f1-8872-421d9ad3499a

Panteli, M., Mancarella, P., Anderson, K., Calverley, D., Cotton, I., Dawson, R., Wood, F. (2014). Resilience of the UK’s electricity system. London: Parliament Select Committee. Publication link: 9ba61413-3b1c-44fe-88c9-fc31dcd728e1

Abi Ghanem, D., & Mander, S. (2014). Designing consumer engagement with the smart grids of the future: bringing active demand technology to everyday life. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 26(10), 1163-1175. DOI: 10.1080/09537325.2014.974531. Publication link: a7a825f6-67fe-44c4-a67d-347aaa7078e2

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Ghanem, D. A., Roberts, T. (Ed.), Upham, P. (Ed.), Mander, S. (Ed.), McLachlan, C. (Ed.), Boucher, P. (Ed.), & Gough, C. (Ed.) (2012). Microgeneration in the built environment: the multiple meanings of solar photovoltaic technologies. In Low-carbon Energy Controversies. (pp. 132-150). London: Routledge. . Publication link: cc59f0aa-13c8-4abf-811e-25308d0e8ecd

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Abi Ghanem, D., Mander, S., Kessels, K., & Lombardi, M. (2012). Consumer engagement with active demand principles and technologies: A review. In 2012 IEEE International Energy Conference and Exhibition, ENERGYCON 2012|IEEE Int. Energy Conf. Exhib., ENERGYCON. (pp. 687-692). IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/EnergyCon.2012.6348239. Publication link: bb9b05ff-4c7d-4964-ba55-d7b5791a3007

Further publications: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/Dana.AbiGhanem/publications