Sally Brown

University of Southampton

Senior Research Fellow

Role at Tyndall
Dr Sally Brown is Senior Research Fellow specialising in coasts and sea-level rise
Research Interests

  • Impacts of sea-level rise at a global scale;
  • Impacts of sea-level rise at regional and local scales;
  • Small islands: Sea-level rise, impacts and sustainable development;
  • Delta environments: Sea-level rise, subsidence and their impacts;
  • Adaptation to sea-level rise, flooding, erosion and multiple drivers of change;
  • Policy implications and management of coastal science and engineering;
  • Erosion, geomorphology and coastal structures.

In recent years, Sally's research has shifted towards developing nations, particualrly the Maldives and China, with her present research focusing in Ghana, India and Bangladesh. Prior to this, her research into the impacts of sea-level rise was more oriented towards global and European coastlines, Africa and coastal erosion and management issues in the UK. One tool she uses to assess the impacts of sea-level rise, is the Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment (DIVA) model, developed by Robert Nicholls in Southampton and other non-Southampton/Tyndall scientists. DIVA assesses the global and regional vulnerability of sea-level rise and subsequent impacts, such as land loss, people flooded and the associated costs.

Sally has supervises students in engineering and science. She is an associate member of the Institute of Physics and part of the Environmental Physics Group. Sally has also interacted physics and marine science/engineering activities through discussions with policy makers, outreach, blogs and the media.


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Published: 2015 Publication: Weather Volume: 70, (7) Page Range: 198-204
doi: 10.1002/wea.2464

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