Design and Implementation of Payments for Environmental Services

Payments for Environmental Services have been heralded as a means to transfer direct economic incentives for conservation to resource managers, which have the potential to alleviate rural poverty in developing countries.

PES initiatives are diverse, focusing on single or multiple ecosystem services and operating at a range of scales with several actors. This research has paid attention to the development of project-based projects and government-led PES programs focusing on carbon mitigation by forest ecosystems in Latin America, with an emphasis on Mexico.

Supported by the Tyndall Centre, Esteve Corbera, with colleagues Katrina Brown and Neil Adger, has explored the contribution of PES projects and programs to climate mitigation and local livelihoods, fostering collaborations with other academic institutions overseas.  The project has translated into diverse publications in peer-reviewed journals, and reports and presentations for policy-makers and non-academic audiences.

Research duration: 2001-2009

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