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PhD positions at Tyndall Manchester, associated with CAST

We’d like to draw your attention to a trio of PhD positions being advertised at Tyndall Manchester, associated with the ESRC Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation ( We’d very much appreciate if you could share this message with any aspiring Masters students you might have:

Accelerating city level climate action

Supervisor: Prof C McLachlan

This project will explore the ways in which cities are making significant emissions reductions in order to meet their climate change commitments and goals. It will critically evaluate different approaches and contexts and identify how action at the sub national scale can be accelerated and replicated. The project will deliver high-quality research to inform city level actors as well as stakeholders at national and international levels on the efficacy of different approaches to: climate action planning, target setting, stakeholder partnerships, just transition, finance and measuring/monitoring performance. There will be opportunities to build collaborations with cities in the UK and internationally in order to co-produce analysis and recommendations with stakeholders.

The role of demand in Net Zero water UK

Supervisor: Dr C Hoolohan, Prof C McLachlan

UK water companies have ambitious commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with achieving Net Zero by 2030, however the role of residential water demand is as yet unclear. This PhD will conduct a mixed method analysis of the role of demand-side mitigation options including overall reduction, relocation and shifting the timing of water use. Typically, water demand management places emphasis on water companies, the regulators and consumers as agents of change. However, in order to achieve the systemic changes needed to deliver Net Zero, there is a need for a broader perspective on demand that accounts for the multifaceted role of organisations and explores the full range of their influence. The project will deliver high-quality research that will inform the UK water industry’s transition to Net Zero and contribute to achieving sustainability and resilience in water systems. A co-productive approach will ensure that the research informs decision -making and policy-making across the water sector.

The impacts of climate change on climate mitigation

Supervisor: Dr R Wood

The mitigation of climate change will involve significant changes to both infrastructure and people’s lifestyles. From increased active travel, diet and changes in the way we heat our homes, lifestyle changes will be central to the successful mitigation of climate change. However successful mitigation is, we will still experience the impacts of climate change – many of which can negatively affect both the provision of infrastructure services and lifestyle changes. This project will systematically identify how the impacts of climate change could affect the deployment and success of changes to both lifestyles and the infrastructure designed to mitigate climate change. It will identify mechanisms through which climate impacts influence mitigation activities, using climate impact data, creating a risk assessment including both quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. The project aim is to identify how the impacts of climate change (incl increased frequencies of intensive rainfall, changes in mean and extreme temperatures) could influence the successful delivery of decarbonization and how negative impacts can be avoided or minimized.

Successful candidates will benefit from a place within the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation, two world-leading centres for interdisciplinary climate change research. With access to unrivalled specialist expertise and opportunities to develop transferable skills, as well as the University of Manchester’s extensive training and development programme, these are exciting opportunities for candidates with a good first degree in geography or social science subject

This 3.5 year studentship covers tuition fees at the Home fee rate and provides a tax-free stipend at the standard UKRI rate for a PhD starting in September 2021. EU and overseas students can apply but will need to source additional funding themselves to cover the difference between the tuition fee rates. Self-funded students interested in a relevant topic are also welcome to contact the supervisory team.



Wider Leverhulme Doctoral Scholars programme details
We are generating a new cohort of 21st Century climate thought leaders with the agile and interdisciplinary skills needed to lead a paradigm shift in how we respond to climate change. The Critical Decade for Climate Change Leverhulme Doctoral Scholars programme will train researchers to look at real-world data in near real-time to generate unique insights into why societies succeed or fail to respond to the threat of climate change. This new generation of scholars will help build the foundations for a healthy planet and a fair society for the future.
Further programme details:

Questions about the wider Critical Decade programme or the application process can be sent to


NERC ONE Planet DTP - PhD studentships available

The NERC ONE Planet DTP have 13 fully funded PhD studentships available.  Applications for September 2021 entries are now open.  Awards include 3.5 years of fees (Home/EU), an annual living allowance (£15,285) and a Research Training Support Grant (for travel, consumables, as required).   

Is the future of urban drainage systems blue-green or grey? Supervised by Oliver Heidrich 

Natural Resources and Urban Climate Strategies Supervised by David Manning (and Oliver Heidrich) 

The full list of studentships Further details about the One Planet scheme   


Postgraduate or postdoctoral research positions:

If you are interested in postgraduate or postdoctoral research within the four Tyndall Centre Research Themes (Accelerating Social Transitions / Overcoming Poverty with Climate Actions / Building up Resilience / Reaching Zero Emissions), please contact the member of academic staff whose research most matches your interests to discuss opportunities. We are always looking for highly motivated young scientists to join our research groups.

If you are interested in research opportunities and you cannot find a suitable PhD position or research position  in these topic areas to apply for then please contact us to discuss. If you are a self-funded PhD student or you are considering research fellowship applications then do get in touch with us. We offer substantial help in mentoring prospective candidates and helping them prepare fellowship applications.

If you are interested in applying for Independent Research Fellowships within the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, we can help you identify appropriate funding schemes, arrange visits to discuss your potential research projects with our academics, assist you in preparation and provide feedback on your application, and provide support and mentoring during your fellowship if subsequently awarded. For further information on fellowships, please contact