EU climate and energy governance in times of crisis: towards a new agenda

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July 14, 2021


Along with seven other contributions, the full version of this paper forms part of a special issue on ‘EU climate and energy governance in times of crisis’, published in 2021 in the Journal of European Public Policy. The broad aim of the special issue is to push forward the existing literature towards a more systematic and comprehensive investigation of EU climate and energy policy in turbulent times. By developing a framework of five key crisis trends, this paper sets the scene and offers a research agenda which the other papers of the special issue build on. The different papers discuss one or more of the five crisis trends as they apply to particular aspects of EU climate and energy governance. Here, an excerpt of the introductory article and a selection of the findings of the special issue‘s contributions is presented in a general manner. It is therefore recommended to read the complete introductory article and the other articles for a fuller appreciation of the different findings of the contributions.

You can download the summary paper below: