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I am fascinated by the politics that emerge when attempts are made to govern environmental problems using the tools and methods of public policy.  I have examined how these different forms of politics have played out in relation to different aspects of governing including the use of new policy instruments, policy coordination across sectors, policy innovation and policy dismantling.  I undertake comparative work on these topics in substantive policy areas such as climate change, water management and sustainable development.  In earlier work I examined the dynamics of environmental policy making at EU level, and how these in turn affect national policy and political systems via processes of ‘Europeanization’. I have published many papers and books on these themes, including Dismantling Public Policy (Oxford University Press, 2012) and the third edition of EU Environmental Policy (Earthscan, 2012, with Camilla Adelle). In the past,

I have taken on leadership roles in many large national and EU-funded projects, and produced work for a number of knowledge users including the OECD, UK Cabinet Office, the UK environment ministry (DEFRA), UK Foresight, the European Commission and the Dutch Environment Ministry.  I am currently completing a book on Designing Politically Sustainable Climate Policies and a two journal special issues on Climate Policy Innovation (for Global Environmental Change and Environmental Politics respectively).  I have been the Managing Editor of the international journal Environment and Planning C (Government and Policy) since 2008. In 2010 I was awarded a Major Research Fellowship by the Leverhulme and in 2008 I was elected as an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).

Selected Publications

Schoenefeld, J. J., Hildén, M., Jordan, A. J. (2017)
The challenges of monitoring national climate policy: learning lessons from the EU
Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Maor, M., Tosun, J., Jordan, A. (2017)
Proportionate and disproportionate policy responses to climate change: core concepts and empirical applications Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Young, J., Searle, K., Butler, A., Simmons, P., Watt, A. D., Jordan, A.(2016)
The role of trust in the resolution of conservation conflicts
Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Benson, D., Jordan, A.(2016) Subsidiarity as a 'scaling device' in environmental governance: The case of the European Union UEA Repository  (Chapter)

Benson, D., Jordan, A. (2016) Environmental Policy UEA Repository  (Chapter)

Russel, D., Jordan, A., Turnpenny, J. (2016) The use of ecosystem services knowledge in policy-making: drawing lessons and adjusting expectations UEA Repository  (Chapter)

Turnpenny, J., Russel, D., Jordan, A., Bond, A., Sheate, W. (2016) Environment UEA Repository  (Chapter)

Gravey, V., Jordan, A. (2016) Does the European Union have a reverse gear? Policy dismantling in a hyperconsensual polity Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Benson, D., Jordan, A.(2016) Climate policy instrument choices UEA Repository (Chapter)

Adelle, C., Jordan, A., Benson, D.(2015) The role of policy networks in the coordination of the European Union’s economic and environmental interests: The case of EU mercury policy Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Jordan, A. J. (ed.), Turnpenny, J. (ed.) (2015) The Tools of Policy Formulation: Actors, Capacities, Venues and Effects Full Text UEA Repository  (Book)

Biesbroek, R., Depuis, J., Jordan, A.(2015) Opening up the black box of adaptation decision making Full Text  (Letter)

Jordan, A. J., Huitema, D., Hildén, M., van Asselt, H., Rayner, T. J., Schoenefeld, J. J., Tosun, J., Forster, J., Boasson, E. L.(2015) Emergence of polycentric climate governance and its future prospects Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Geneletti, D., Bond, A., Russel, D., Turnpenny, J., Sheate, W., Jordan, A.(2015) Ecosystem services and sustainability assessment: theory and practice Full Text UEA Repository  (Chapter)

Turnpenny, J., Jordan, A., Benson, D., Rayner, T.(2015) The tools of policy formulation: an introduction Full Text  (Chapter (peer-reviewed))

Turnpenny, J., Jordan, A., Adelle, C., Bartke, S., Bournaris, T., Kautto, P., Kuittinen, H., Ege Larsen, L., Moulogianni, C., Saarela, S., Weiland, S. (2015) The use of policy formulation tools in the venue of policy appraisal: patterns and underlying motivations UEA Repository (Chapter)

Jordan, A., Turnpenny, J., Rayner, T. (2015) The tools of policy formulation: new perspectives and new challenges Full Text UEA Repository (Chapter)

Young, J. C., Watt, A., Jordan, A., Simmons, P. (2015) Conservation conflicts in Natura 2000 protected areas UEA Repository  (Chapter)

Turnpenny, J., Russel, D., Jordan, A. (2014) The challenge of embedding an ecosystems approach: patterns of knowledge utilisation in public policy appraisal Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Jordan, A., Russel, D. (2014) Embedding the concept of ecosystems services: The utilisation of ecological knowledge in different policy venues Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

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