Claire Brown

University of Manchester

PhD Researcher


My PhD research work focuses on addressing issues around heating and cooling demand in social housing in the UK. I am looking at how new-build social housing could be a potential way to reduce demand on the power grid through better design and exploring further opportunities self-generation. Exploring how commercially viable solutions might exist to allow social housing to be built with high energy performance built-in. I have previously worked in the construction industry as a Sustainability Manager, the public sector as an Energy manager and as a Senior Consultant. I also have an interest in management systems and how these can play a part in improving environmental performance across businesses. As well as my PhD research I am a Teaching Fellow to Level 6 and Level 7 students, where my focus is on housing, energy and sustainability issues and how society can implement change to support global aims such as the Paris Agreement for carbon emissions.



Brown, C. (2021) How new social housing can help fight climate changeThe Conversation.


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