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Dr Maria Sharmina is a part of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and a lead on its Reaching Zero Emissions research theme. Maria is Reader in Energy and Sustainability at the School of Engineering, University of Manchester. Maria is the University of Manchester Principal Investigator on the UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) £8m Energy Revolution Consortium, leading the work on innovative business models for the energy sector. She is also developing new business models for her UKRI-funded projects on sustainable food systems and on single-use plastics.

Together with a colleague from the School of Computer Science, Maria was a PI on the SMART@Manchester project funded by the University of Manchester Research Institute, focusing on the use of social media analytics in the energy industry. She led the work on business models for community energy on the ‘Financing community energy’ project funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC). Maria also led an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Nexus grant exploring how energy, food and water are connected in the UK policy-development process. She has worked on a range of other funded projects including: the EPSRC's Shipping in Changing Climates project; the 'Designing Sustainable Supply Chains' project sponsored by a major retailer; and, a project identifying research methods for modelling energy and water demand funded by University of Manchester Research Institute.

Research Interests:

Energy systems; Food-energy-water nexus; Emission scenarios; Circular economy; Climate and energy policies; Low-carbon business models

Selected Publications:

González, F., Webb, J., Sharmina, M., Hannon, M., Pappas, D., Tingey, M. (2021) Characterising a local energy business sector in the United Kingdom: Participants, revenue sources, and estimates of localism and smartness. Energy.

Braunholtz-Speight, T., McLachlan, C., Mander, S., Hannon, M., Hardy, J., Cairns, I., Sharmina, M., Manderson, E. (2021). The long term future for community energy in Great Britain: A co-created vision of a thriving sector and steps towards realising it. Energy Research and Social Science.

Fletcher, C.A., St Clair, R., Sharmina, M. (2021). Seafood businesses’ resilience can benefit from circular economy principles. Nature Food.

Burgess, M., Holmes, H., Sharmina, M., Shaver, MP (2020) The future of UK plastics recycling: One Bin to Rule Them All, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, volume 164: 105191 

M.Sharmina., Edelenbosch, OY., Wilson, C., Freeman, R., Gernaat, DEHJ.,  Gilbert, P., Larkin, A., Littleton, E.W., Traut, M., Van Vuuren, DP.,  Vaughan, N., Wood, FR., Le Quéré (2020), Decarbonising the critical sectors of aviation, shipping, road freight and industry to limit warming to 1.5–2°C, Climate Policy.

Braunholtz-Speight, T., Sharmina, M., Manderson, E., McLachlan, C., Hannon, M., Hardy, J., & Mander, S. (2020). Business Models and Financial Characteristics of Community Energy in the UK. Nature Energy, 5, 169-177.

Gallego Schmid, A., Chen, H-M., Sharmina, M., & Fernandez Mendoza, J. M. (2020). Links between circular economy and climate change mitigation in the built environment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 260, 121115.

Sharmina, M., Abi Ghanem, D., Browne, A., Hall, S., Mylan, J., Petrova, S., & Wood, F. (2019). Envisioning surprises: How social sciences could help models represent ‘deep uncertainty’ in future energy and water demand. Energy Research & Social Science, 50, 18-28.

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Sharmina, M., McGlade, C., Gilbert, P., & Larkin, A. (2017). Global energy scenarios and their implications for future shipped trade. Marine Policy, 84, 12-21.


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