Sarah Becker

Cardiff University

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research interests:

Perceptions of Climate Change and Energy Transitions

At Cardiff University I am currently working on a research project on public perceptions of decarbonising heating in the UK. Previously I worked on focus group data analysis to investigate people’s views on energy transitions in the UK and specifically how to pay for the transition. 




Becker, S., Demski, C., Evensen, D., & Pidgeon, N. (2019). Of profits, transparency, and responsibility: Public views on financing energy system change in the United Kingdom. Energy Research and Social Science, 55, 236-246.

Demski, C., Thomas, G., Becker, S., Evensen, D., & Pidgeon, N. (2019). Acceptance of energy transitions and policies: Public conceptualisations of energy as a need and basic right in the United Kingdom. Energy Research and Social Science, 48, 33-45.

Becker, S. & Sparks, P. (2018). Talking about climate change mitigation: People’s views on different levels of action. Sustainability, 10. doi:10.3390/su10051357


Reports and Working papers:

Demski, C., Pidgeon, N., Evensen, D., & Becker, S. (2019). Paying for energy transitions: Public perspectives and acceptability. UKERC policy briefing retrieved from


Book chapter:

Demski, C. & Becker, S. (2019). Energy security – from security of supply to public participation. Chapter for the Routledge Handbook of Energy Democracy. Book in preparation with Editors.

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Current Position
Post-Doctoral Researcher


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School of Psychology, Park Place, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF10 3AT, United Kingdom

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