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Wouter Poortinga is Professor of Environmental Psychology at the Welsh School of Architecture and the School of Psychology, Cardiff University; and co-director of the ESRC-funded Centre for Climate and Social Transformations (CAST). His research interests are in three areas: (1) environmental risk perception, (2) sustainable behaviour, lifestyles and behaviour change, and (3) housing, neighbourhood and health. Wouter has organised a number of comprehensive surveys of public opinion on future energy options and climate change, Including the European Social Survey; examined the role of environmental values and attitudes in household energy use, and evaluated the effectiveness and further attitudinal and behavioural impacts of the Welsh carrier bag charge, and involved the development of a Welsh environmental attitudes and behaviours segmentation model. Other work is on the health impacts and economic value of meeting housing quality standards, and the role of social capital and cohesion in community resilience and wellbeing.

Selected publications:

  • Poortinga, W., Whitmarsh, L., Steg, L., Böhm, G., & Fisher, S. (2019). Climate change perceptions and their individual-level determinants: A cross-European analysis. Global Environmental Change, 55, 25-35.
  • Demski, C., Poortinga, W., Whitmarsh, L., Böhm, G., Fisher, S., Steg, L., Umit, R., Jokinen, P., & Pohjolainen, P. (2018). National context is a key determinant of energy security concerns across Europe. Nature Energy, 3, 882-888.
  • Poortinga, W., & Whitaker, L. (2018). Promoting the use of reusable coffee cups through environmental messaging, the provision of alternatives, and financial incentives. Sustainability, 10(3)
  • Thomas, G. O., Fisher, R., Whitmarsh, L., Milfont, T. L., & Poortinga, W. (2017). Parenthood and environmental concern: A longitudinal investigation of the legacy hypothesis. Population & Environment, 39(3), 261-27.
  • Nash, N., Whitmarsh, L., Capstick, S., Hargreaves, T., Poortinga, W., Thomas, G., Sautkine, E., & Xenias, D. (2017). Climate-relevant behavioral spillover and the potential contribution of social practice theory. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 8(6).
  • Poortinga, W., & Darnton, A. (2016). Segmenting for sustainability: The development of a sustainability segmentation model from a Welsh sample. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 45, 221-232.

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