Environmental Policy: Governing by Multiple Policy Instruments?

TitleEnvironmental Policy: Governing by Multiple Policy Instruments?
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsJordan, A, Benson, D, Wurzel, RKW, Zito, A
EditorRichardson, JJ
Book TitleConstructing a Policy Making State? Policy Dynamics in the EU
PublisherOxford University Press
ISBN Number978-0-19-960410-4
  • The contributors are leading scholars in the policy sectors under review
  • The volume gives the reader a clear but sophisticated account of how the EU policy process really works

Constructing a Policy-Making State? sets out to examine the processes by which Europeanization takes place. Europeanization is defined as the process by which the key decisions about public policies are gradually transferred to the European level (or for new policy areas, emerge at the European level). This is in contrast to definitions of Europeanization which focus on the adaption of member states to European public policies. Thus, the main focus is whether a European Union 'policy-making state' is being created via changes in the distribution of power between member states and the European level institutions over time. In addition to several overview chapters (such as on agenda setting in the EU), there are twelve sectoral studies which analyse the differing trajectories and outcomes of the Europeanization process and the extent to which the European Union can make 'authoritative allocations'. The case studies have been selected in order to illustrate the degree of cross-sectoral variation in the process of Europeanization, from sectors which have yet to see very much Europeanization, such as health, to sectors such as competition policy which are almost fully Europeanized. The book is consciously multi-theoretic in its approach, drawing on a range of theories and concepts, from theories of European integration, to theories of public policy processes.