Tyndall Early Career Network (TECN)

The Tyndall Early Career Network (TECN) is made up of early career researchers (MPhil, PhD and contract researchers) affiliated with the Tyndall Centre. TECN supports researchers by facilitating connections with other members of the Tyndall Centre, assisting with career development, and exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge.

TECN coordinates several activities across the Tyndall Centre partner institutions:

  • Not4Experts webinars: The Not4Experts series hosts presentations on relevant climate-related topics presented using non-technical language for Tyndall researchers in other fields.
  • Writing retreats: TECN hosts writing retreats where early career researchers have the opportunity to focus on a key writing task with their colleagues.
  • #TECNwrite: TECN representatives organize writing sessions at individual institutions and as part of simultaneous sessions coordinated on Twitter using the #TECNwrite hashtag.
  • PhD conference: TECN regularly organizes a PhD conference to bring together Tyndall PhD students and those from other institutions to present their climate-related research in a friendly and supportive environment.
  • Early career representation on Tyndall Council: TECN represents the views of Tyndall-affiliated early career researchers on the Tyndall Centre’s governing body, the Tyndall Council. The current TECN representatives on the Council are Dan Thorman and Mark Wilson.

TECN Representatives

Tyndall Centre institutions with a significant number of Tyndall-affiliated early career researchers are represented in TECN leadership meetings. The current TECN representatives are:

If you are an early career researcher from a Tyndall institution and you would like to join TECN, please email your institution’s TECN representative. 

Name Institution Research areas
Andrea Mercado ... Cardiff University
Angela Mae Minas University of Manchester Accelerating Social Transitions, Overcoming Poverty with Climate Actions
Ann Stevenson Cardiff University
Brendan Moore University of East Anglia Accelerating Social Transitions, Reaching Zero Emissions
Catherine Cherry Cardiff University
Chris Jones University of Manchester Reaching Zero Emissions
Christina Birch University of Manchester
Christoph Priebe University of East Anglia
Christopher Walsh University of Manchester
Claire Hoolohan University of Manchester Accelerating Social Transitions
Cristina Pereira University of East Anglia
Dimitrios Pappas University of Manchester Reaching Zero Emissions
Elizabeth Lewis Newcastle University
Elspeth Spence Cardiff University
Emily Wolstenholme Cardiff University
Emma Cassar University of East Anglia
Erin Roberts Cardiff University
Hannah Hughes Cardiff University
Hussam Hussein University of East Anglia
Ilias Gennis University of Manchester
James Graham University of East Anglia
James Mason University of Manchester
Jana Hofmann University of East Anglia
Jordan Harold University of East Anglia Accelerating Social Transitions
Laurie Kerr University of East Anglia
Lorraine Dongo University of East Anglia
Mark Tebboth University of East Anglia Overcoming Poverty with Climate Actions
Mark Wilson University of East Anglia
Patricia Kermeci University of East Anglia
Pawel Pustelnik Cardiff University
Philippa Calver University of Manchester
Sarah Becker Cardiff University
Selma Guerreiro Newcastle University
Steve Westlake Cardiff University
Ulysse Pasquier University of East Anglia
Vasco Zeferina University of Manchester
William Fitzpatrick University of Manchester